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If you wish to bask in the togetherness and stately charm of plantation life, stay over. Plantation Bungalow has the facility to accommodate up to 16 pax, in four different bungalows, all within a radius of 4 kms. Four different families will in fact play hosts. While you will be treated like royalty, you will also enjoy the delightful informality and intimacy of being part of a family. The facilities in the bungalow are on par with the best in the world.
In the evening you will gather for a sumptuous dinner together at one bungalow, with all the hosts and hostesses.
Every moment of your stay in Plantation Bungalow will be steeped in nostalgia. You will admire the quiet, smooth efficiency that runs these plantations today, much as in the days gone by. And as you board your coach back to the city, waving goodbye to your hosts, you will feel as though you are leaving home.
  Outhouse, Manjappally   Outhouse - Interior  
  Plantation Bungalow, Kalaketty   Plantation Bungalow, Elamthottam  
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